Welcome From Singer / Songwriter Kylie O

What's up! My name is Kylie O and I am an indie singer/songwriter with a pop/alternative vibe. I have been performing, writing songs, and playing piano my whole life. I am passionate and so excited about life and how music and lyrics can allow us to express the inner most thoughts and feelings of the heart. I believe completely that each day is a blessing and a journey; I would love for you to check out some of my music and join me on MY journey. 
All my love, Kylie O

"The goal is to create art that moves people deep inside their souls, brings love to light and enhances the beauty and power of emotion." Kylie O




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Kylie Odetta (In The Round with Eli Rhodes & Friends)

Belcourt Taps, Nashville TN


Excited to play in this writers round with Eli Rhodes and a few more friends, stay tuned for updates. It starts around 9:30 pm.



Kylie Odetta Featured Performer At Open Mic Night

Brickhouse Pizzeria, Spartanburg SC


Open mic sign ups begin at 7 pm and I will perform around 8:30 pm, see you there!