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DONATE to the Salvation Army: Greenville Chapter
  • DONATE to the Salvation Army: Greenville Chapter
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DONATE to the Salvation Army: Greenville Chapter

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You can donate any amount from $25 to $100 to $500 or even $10,000. Every bit helps! Read why:

The Salvation Army provides countless programs to help improve the lives of Greenville's homeless community as well as those living in poverty. Some of their programs include drug rehab facilities, a men's shelter, a women & children's shelter, a boys & girls club, a dining hall that serves 3 meals a day to those in the shelters and 2 meals a week to the rest of the homeless community, monthly food packages, mercy beds for those without state ID, as well as services to help get those people a new ID. They provide community resources to actually create change for the better in the lives of our brothers and sisters and they do it with very little help from the government and grants. They are dependent on donations and volunteer help which is why your concert ticket payment and extra donations will truly be making an impact on Greenville.

All money collected here will go directly to the Salvation Army: Greenville Chapter.

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